The Exit Planning Institute serves as a platform for…

  • Creating Awareness

  • Advisor Collaboration

  • Innovative Learning

  • Continuing Education

  • Defining Methodology

  • Research

  • Thought Leadership

  • Practice Development


Why is the Exit Planning Institute Different?


The EPI Value Acceleration Methodology™.
The EPI Value Acceleration Methodology™ unleashes new revenue streams. The methodology creates a Master Plan for the business owner which integrates business, personal and financial goals into their exit strategy. These are referred to as the “three legs of the stool” which are 1) Maximizing Business Value 2) Personal Financial Planning and 3) Life After Business Planning. The methodology also creates the new “Value Advisor” also known as the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and creates several business opportunities for numerous other disciplines within the process making the “Value Advisor” a strong referral source for many other advisors.. The Value Acceleration Methodology is being adopted industry-wide as best practice by many leading organizations and has been featured on international platforms.


Continuing Education Credits.
EPI is recognized or accredited by eight different professional organizations to offer CE for their professional designations. The CEPA Program, for example, qualifies for 32.5 hours CPE credit for CPAs and 17 hours for CFP credit amongst numerous others. Advisors have the opportunity to gain CE hours through other events such as webinars, seminars, summits and chapter events.


EPI Alliance Partners.
EPI reviews several products, resources or tools for exit planning advisors and provides them to EPI members through the Alliance Partner Program. Some of their products include software products from Corporate Value Metrics, CoreValue, Sellability Score and MAUS Software. In addition through this program advisors can receive discounts on books, memberships as several other opportunities.


Chapter Network
EPI has developed an international network of chapters. These chapters create greater awareness of the tremendous benefits of exit planning and address the unique needs of business owners in each community by creating a forum for networking, continuing education and collaboration amongst advisors whose commitment is helping their clients transition their business successful.


CEPA Program Curriculum.
EPIs CEPA Program is very unique and different when compared to others in the market. Some of these differences include; 1) in association with a University, 2) it has 22 modules taught in person by 11 different faculty members over a week that replicates and five day executive style MBA program and 3) it has a 3 hour proctored exam. This in person education creates an interactive learning experience for the advisor as they work with the nationally recognized faculty and other advisors in the class from around the country and world. Throughout the week the advisor works through lectures, group work, case studies and aspects of an actual exit plan.


Business Development for Members.
There are several initiatives that drive business opportunities for EPI members. In 2015, EPI will attend over ten tradeshows where EPI will represent and showcase the CEPA designation, the use of CEPAs and the EPI Value Acceleration Methodology to business owners and other advisors. EPI sponsors many media pieces and underwrites research such as the State of Owner Readiness Survey. EPI has developed educational partnerships with franchisors/distributors that have multiple franchisees across the country that will transition their businesses over the next five to ten years resulting in the use of CEPAs across the country.


Practice Development.
EPI helps CEPAs build their exit planning practice by offering practice development packages and seminars. Some of these solutions include lead generation software, inside sales support, sales training seminars specific to exit planning, mentorship program with some of the most successful CEPAs, internet radio, social media and discounts to sales/marketing organizations that help connect advisors to owners.