Arizona Chapter Event: Kolbe MO Team Session Owner Engagement Series


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Everyone has a performance sweet spot — a mode of operation (MO) in which he or she excels while optimizing energy — a super-combo that drives success when focused on the right tasks.


  • Continue to come together to develop their team dynamics
  • Gain awareness of their own unique contribution to the team
  • Recognize and appreciate their colleagues’ unique talents
  • Pro-actively use their respective talents to leverage themselves and each other to achieve team goals

Engagement Strategies workshop will include Discounted Kolbe A assessments for each attendee in advance of the session


  • Become high-performing business developers and more successfully.
  • Engage owners by purposefully allocating effort according to teammates’ respective strengths.
  • Provide a common language for more effective collaboration.
  • Recognize and use the interdependency of the team
  • Properly aim respective strengths to motivate owners to take action.


  1. NAME IT. Knowing and understanding your instinctive MO and strengths is the first step.
  2. CLAIM IT. Nurture awareness of your talents in yourselves by catching yourself and your teammates using them.
  3. AIM IT. Once you see the link between your strengths and success, use that knowledge to strategize and intentionally direct actions and behavior using your respective strengths.



Colleen Jordan Hallinan, Chief Transformation Officer, Qii Consulting

After nearly 30 years in the advisory business, I retired as a partner from $4 billion AUM Hewins Financial Advisors in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the mentorship of Roger Hewins, and several years of professional coaching (Betsy Buckley and Strategic Coach) I transformed my modi operandi and built a stellar wealth management team from one assistant to a team of several Gen Y advisors. As we leveraged each other’s strengths, we grew our Bay Area region 5x over 7 years. Our team was recognized as a NABCAP Premier Advisor by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices, joining an exclusive group of financial advisors who have met the NABCAP high standards for quality wealth management. In addition, NABCAP assesses 20 categories of practice management and named us an “Exemplary Advisor” in Client Education and Customer Service. The team is growing and servicing a client base with over a billion in assets.

Beyond the obvious benefit of getting to the next level of growth, the freedom the team provided allowed me to explore new roles, which included forming a joint venture with the prestigious San Francisco DZH Phillips CPAs and Advisors. It was then that I realized how much passion I had for helping other professionals. So my husband Paul and I, and our cats moved to the mountain-biking mecca of Sedona, Arizona for our second stage in life and to help you.

Contact Qii Consulting: 623.850.4161 or e-mail Colleen 


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