EPI Free Webinar: Non-Traditional PE: Benefits and Success Stories


Non-Traditional PE: Benefits and Success Stories

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Non-Traditional PE: Benefits and Success Stories Presented By Jason Van Zant with Keystone Capital

Once an asset class hiding in the shadows, the world is now littered with private equity firms thanks to the chase for institutional investment returns. Learn how to size up the private equity firm landscape, meet a private investment firm doing things a bit differently, and learn how this structure can benefit a privately held business seeking an exit.

Learning Objectives
– Gain insight into the state of the private equity market
– Understand the different models in the private equity landscape
– Identify pros and cons associated with various models
– Learn about the long-term, patient capital model and how it can benefit an owner recapitalization 


Jason Van Zant

Keystone Capital, Inc. is a private equity investment firm that manages in excess of $100 million in investment capital. Formed in 1994, our mission is to acquire and build a portfolio of exceptionally high quality, mid-sized businesses that are leaders in their niche markets. Keystone is differentiated by our willingness to enter into true operating partnerships with the professional management teams of the companies we acquire and to play a significant supporting role helping each of them continue to grow profitably. Our success is attributable to the strong investment and operating experience base of our professionals, our willingness to commit personal rather than third-party capital, and the long term time horizon of our investment relationships with portfolio companies. Keystone Capital is based in Deerfield, Illinois.


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