Greater Los Angeles Chapter Event: Double the Value of Your Family Business in 3 Years The Power of the Sustainable Value Wheel

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Double the Value of Your Family Business in 3 Years: The Power of the Sustainable Value Wheel

If you’re considering the sale of your family-owned business …. why not double its value and the return to the stakeholders before going to market. Long-term value is created by identifying and strengthening the factors that build a valuable company. It’s more than just driving EBITDA. The Sustainable Value Wheel™ process allows management and the board to rate the performance of 15 Value Factors in 5 Segments that drive long-term Sustainable Value in their business. The wheel and the improvement process focus the company on building the long-term value of the business and reducing business risk. The focus of the Sustainable Value Wheel is on improving financial performance and also increasing the multiple of the company and making it a ‘must have’ company. The process of using the Sustainable Value Wheel gains value as more members of the management team use the tool and if it is repeated on a quarterly basis. Repeating the tool helps to provide focus on the key areas of creating value and reducing overall business risk.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify areas to focus on that create additional value in your company
• Set clear objectives
• Get buy-in from the management team
• Decide where to invest


Ken Ude, Director of the USC Marshall Family Business Program and Managing Director of The Board Group

Ken Ude is Director of the USC Marshall Family Business Program and Managing Director of The Board Group. Ken has served as President / CEO of six different private equity-backed companies in various industries that were facing a variety of critical business challenges. What they had in common was the need to create stability in the organization, grow the top line and trim expenses to drive profitability. He stands on the mantra: “If it can be measured, it can be improved”. He also serves on the Boards of several family-owned businesses. Ken earned his MBA and a Master of Public Relations from the University of Southern California.

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