North Texas Chapter Event: Taxes When Selling – It’s What You Net That Matters

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Taxes When Selling – It’s What You Net That Matters”

It’s not the sales price that matters- it’s the dollars your client puts in his pocket.  The choice of entity, the structure of the deal, and how it is negotiated will determine the outcome, and, whether or not it goes to closing. More importantly, these factors determine how pleased your client is with his advisors after closing.

During this session the presenter will walk attendees through: 1) the basics of the tax aspects of selling a business; and 2) how to negotiate a win-win to insure that it goes to closing.  He will demonstrate, with actual cases, the importance of attending to details when calculating the tax ramifications of the various strategies.  Some of these strategies require planning several years before the business is put in play.


Learning Objectives:

  • Why the business entity matters
  • Why buyers buy stock or assets
  • How to allocate the sale price
  • How to report the allocation to the IRS
  • The art of negotiating a win-win


Speaker: : Ron Salmon, CPA, CEPA

Ron has been the founder and managing partner of Salmon Sims Thomas for over 30 years. During this time he developed a career college and school niche that serves in  over 20 states and over 100 campuses. Since stepping down as managing partner of the firm, Ron has concentrated his practice to estate and income tax planning  and the management of estates and trusts through executor and trustee roles. This led Ron to obtain a CEPA designation in 2016 where he can use this methodology in assisting career schools in their transition of ownership and the settlement of estates. Ron was also a founding member of Integra International. Integra is a global association of 122 independent accounting firms located in 66 countries. Ron began his career with KPMG, and  worked in the investment banking industry before returning to public accounting.


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