North Texas Chapter Event: Working Capital – What you don’t know can sabotage your client’s transaction

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Working Capital – What you don’t know can sabotage your client’s transaction

Many business owners and advisors talk about working capital but how many truly understand what it is, how to calculate it and when the subject of it should be addressed in a business transition?  All too often the parties get far down the road in the transaction only to find it should have been addressed sooner in the process or they may under (or over) estimate the requirements which can then sabotage a successful exit.

In this session we will learn about important considerations and approaches to working capital and review a case study that walks us through the calculations.

Learning Objectives:

  • What working capital is comprised of and why should it be a consideration in a transaction
  • The factors that impact the calculation of working capital
  • The various approaches to calculating working capital and how to determine which is best suited to the transaction at hand


Monty Walker, Walker Business Advisory Services

Monty W. Walker is a Certified Public Accountant with a diversity of experience in the private closely-held business arena. Monty supports Entrepreneurial Clients throughout the country. He is an extremely innovative advisor in the Business Transfer Industry providing support to Small Business Owners in the areas of Business Transactions, Business Structuring & Design, Business Tax Planning and Business Exit Planning. Having come from an entrepreneurial family, Monty has a comprehensive business background spanning over 26 years which includes experience in both startups and established entities. Monty spent a significant portion of career as an industry CFO in the private sector and he has owned and operated several of his own businesses. Thus, his experience comes from being directly in the trenches.

Specialties: Extensive experience with self-directed IRA’s and self-directed 401(k) plans. Performs a proprietary comprehensive transaction planning review resulting in a deliverable entitled a Transaction Structuring Report. Manages the unique financial, tax, planning and procedural matters associated with transferring the ownership of a business. Due to his background in transition planning and business transfers he is often referred to by his clients and colleagues as a — Business Transition CPA.

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