St Louis Metro Area Chapter Event: Create Enterprise Value Through Marketing


Create Enterprise Value Through Marketing

There are many factors that drive a business’ overall value, however, there is only one core competency that has the power to increase Free Cash Flow, EBITDA, and Multiples—Marketing. Marketing is what drives margin, sales, and growth in business and marketplaces. Come learn what many mid-market companies are doing in today’s changing technological landscape to adapt to the new demands of buyers and consumers. Most importantly, come and learn “How” companies are carving their niche and growing with specific marketing tools and strategies, not just “What” companies should be doing.


Learning objectives:

  • How traditional sales channels are being disrupted and what businesses need to do to insulate themselves from such changes.
  • Case studies of mid-market companies and discussion of the marketing strategies and tactics being employed.
  • Tools and resources you can implement with your business and your clients today.


Brandon Dempsey

Brandon is an adventurer, entrepreneur, father, and global nonprofit leader. He owns goBRANDgo!, a marketing firm based in St. Louis, MO that focuses on working with $10-$100 million privately held companies whose owners are in their 50’s and 60’s and looking to make a leadership transition in the next decade or so, with a core focus in the manufacturing, distribution, and industrial industries. Brandon has built and sold 2 companies and is the driving force behind goBRANDgo!’s 30% year over year growth. When Brandon isn’t speaking or mentoring entrepreneurs, facilitating strategy sessions, or coaching his team, he spends his time riding BMW motorcycles and adventuring with his wife and daughter across the globe.


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CEPAs receive 1 CE credit

CPE receive 1 CPE credit

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