Twin Cities Metro Area Chapter Event: Brand Boot Camp: Protecting Your Brand Before You Transition From Your Business


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Brand Boot Camp: Protecting Your Brand Before You Transition From Your Business

Most modern companies have no inventory.  Indeed, they may not even have any hard assets.  So where is the transferable value in such a company?

Often it is in the goodwill of the company.  But, goodwill itself is not a transferable asset. It is however convertible into intellectual property assets, typically brands, which are very transferable.

To make a brand valuable, it must conform to Three Fundamental Rules of Branding.   Many companies squander years of investing in a brand that they don’t own and can’t be transferred.   They find this out in due diligence and the sale price is either substantially reduced or the sale fails

Learning Objectives:

– This one-hour workshop will give you the tools to evaluate your target company’s brand and know what is needed to make it salable—and valuable.

– It will also let you evaluate the strength of your own brand.


Michael Lasky

Michael Lasky, the author of The Good Brand – how companies build valuable brands,  is a combined brand expert and brand-IP attorney at Stoel Rives law firm.  His lectures on brand building have been seen around the world.  You will find Brand Boot Camp to be a highly entertaining and energizing program to get your target company’s brand on the path to being valuable.



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