Webinar: 2017 Year End Recap & 2018 Forecast

Forecast & Insights with EPI Vice President

Scott Snider, Vice President of Exit Planning Institute, will recap the activity and growth of the organization over the past 12 months and forecast the direction of the global network going forward. Are you utilizing all the benefits that are included with your membership through the Exit Planning Institute? Are you learning from what other CEPAs are doing? Are you connected to the network?
Join this live broadcast series, led by Client Experience Manager Josh Koza, as he provides tips, techniques and coaching to ensure you’re getting the most value in the following areas: (1) Marketing, (2) Continuing Education & Research, (3) Advisor Tools, and (4) Support/Networks.

Meet the Presenterdivider

Scott Snider, EPI Vice President and Snider Premier Growth Operating Partner

Meet Scott Snider, EPI Vice President, skilled growth hacker, nationally recognized industry leader, and lifetime entrepreneur.  Two of Snider’s biggest talents: market penetration and rapid growth strategies.  In fact, Snider launched his first business at the age of 17, which he grew exponentially, winning accounts away from larger competitive companies, and establishing notoriety in his local marketplace.  At 24, he sold to a strategic buyer (his first “exit”) and joined forces with Chris Snider’s private exit planning and M&A firm, Aspire Management, who was looking to dominate Northeast Ohio’s exit planning space.  Within one year, Scott took Aspire from an unknown startup to one of the most influential boutique advisory firms in Cleveland, citing over 13 publication pickups, a full client book, and a COI network that included every specialty from across the exit planning ecosystem.  His strategy was integrated, calculated, and educational, prompting high interest and leading prospects to the next crumb in the trail.  With their passion for business strategy and serving owners and advisors alike, Snider and Snider purchased the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), introduced the Value Acceleration Methodology, wrote an award-winning book, and effectively increased the business size by 10x.  Scott Snider knows how to educate clients, achieve market distinction, and deliver real results

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