Paid Webinar: Head out of the Clouds: Creating Your (Results Driven) Marketing Strategy


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It is truly impossible to underestimate how much the Internet has changed the world.  In marketing, “The Cloud” has absolutely disrupted traditional scope and opportunity, with rapidly morphing rules and an overwhelming amount of marketing tactics to consider.  In this daunting environment, accomplished marketing specialists can be hard to come by.  In fact, the #1 biggest complaint from CEOs and nonmarketing professionals is that most Marketers have their head up in the clouds, insisting on increased investments, chasing “new frontiers,” and all the while, failing to illustrate how the dollars invested contribute to top-line business performance.  But, you need to see results.  In this session, you will learn ways to develop an impactful marketing strategy that attracts the right buyers to your business (online and offline).  You will adopt the formula for viral marketing using Berger’s STEPPS.  And, you will see how to get your creative team’s head above of the clouds with laser focus on achieving simple, powerful business growth metrics.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the four ways to double a company.
  • Calculate traffic, lead, conversion, and pricing volume needed to hit revenue projections.
  • List the four major steps in the digital conversion path.
  • Describe Berger’s STEPPS acronym.
  • Differentiate between the generational core values of Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials.

Meet the Presenterdivider

K. Brooke Norman, EPI Vice President of Marketing

Brooke Norman is the Vice President of Marketing for Exit Planning Institute and Snider Premier Growth companies plus a frequent speaker at industry events.  For the past 10 years, Brooke has developed and led new growth strategies for middle market businesses in a variety of competitive industries, achieving accolades for outstanding achievement while creating top line business results.

Ms. Norman is a top-rated speaker, writer, and educator.  She leads many marketing workshops at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and other universities nationwide, to equip owners and advisors to develop marketing strategies that produce real results.  Norman is one of the few marketing professionals in the industry to measure her success on one major indicator: revenue.

14701 Detroit, Suite 430, Lakewood OH 44107  |  |  |  (216) 712-4244  |  Connect with Brooke

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