Wisconsin Chapter Event: Getting Out: Understanding Options For Exit

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Getting Out: Understanding Options For Exit and

How Advisors Help Owners Make Good Decisions

Recent surveys by the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) indicate that the majority of business owners are unaware of their succession planning options.  Since there are almost 78 million “boomers” the same surveys indicate that a substantial number of boomer business owners plan on retiring in the next 5 years or less.   This unprecedented migration of ownership which is often uninformed regarding exit options is an opportunity for professional advisors.  Sean will guide us through the major options available to business owners and illustrate how advisors can be facilitators in goal attainment.

Learning Objectives

  • Share survey results framing the extent of the exit problem for owners
  • Provide insights on best practices for professional advisors
  • Provide overview of major exit options for owners
  • Explain the merits and issues with each of the major options
  • Understand how advisors can help owners realize their goals


 Sean Hutchinson, Founder and CEO of Strategic Value Advisors, CEPA

Sean Hutchinson is the Co-founder and CEO of Strategic Value Advisors (SVA) based in San Francisco.  SVA provides expertise in value acceleration, ownership transition planning, management succession, mergers and acquisitions, and capital raises.  He is nationally recognized as one of the distinguished presenters in the Exit Planning Institute’s program for Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA).   SVA’s senior team has helped hundreds of closely held businesses on such key issues as: competitive strategy, rapid growth, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, ownership transitions and governance.  He holds a master’s degree from Miami University (Ohio).

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CEPAs receive 1 CE credit

CPAs a certificate for 1 CPE credit

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