Wisconsin Chapter Event: Managing Emotional Complexity During a Business Change

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Managing Emotional Complexity During a Business Change

Advisors to family enterprises are extremely important to their financial, organizational and familial health. Advisors offer benefits through their expertise and networking; inevitably, families who own businesses face crises from time to time, either in the business or family and look to their advisors to help them through it. Because the family, ownership and business systems overlap, change in one system puts stress on the other. When a crises erupts and turmoil ensues, either in the business or family, people often turn to advisors who are ill prepared to deal with the emotional aspects of keeping the both the business and family sound.

This talk will focus on emotional dynamics within the family and the various governance structures needed in both the family and the business that will help advisors, the family and the business navigate changes.


Learning Objectives

  • The role of the advisor in times of family/business stress
  •  What “governance” is and isn’t for the family and its business
  •  How established governance impacts family dynamics and emotions during times of change and transition


Deb Houden, Ph.D., Senior Consultant

The Family Business Consulting Group”  “A senior consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group, Deb Houden specializes in helping family-owned businesses with family communication, transition and next generation development by providing resources, tools and knowledge that are needed to navigate their specific issues.

Deb has worked with numerous families on developing effective communication and conflict resolution skills, developing family meetings, beginning stages of board development, and working with next generational members of family firms (including adolescents). She is adept at developing processes that help families go through changes within the business and family systems.

She is a regular presenter to industry groups, family business centers, and individual company retreats on topics including the next generation and succession, communication and conflict resolution, and perceptions of fairness.

Married into a business-owning family, Deb and her husband have three children. She is a pilot, an outdoor enthusiast, and an avid gardener.

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