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Exit planning is one of the fasting growing industry’s in the financial/professional services industry and EPI is committed to bringing you the best industry content…right at your fingertips!  We are proud to offer hundreds of free webinars each year to keep you current on technical, business development, and special interest topics: all designed to help you sharpen your skills and advance your career.  Scroll to the list below for all upcoming opportunities.

Deep-Dive Webinars

The EPI Deep-Dive Webinar Series is the perfect fit for an exit planning advisor who wants to dive deeper into the topics within the Value Acceleration Methodology, taught by the expert faculty at the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) program!  Each month, CEPA faculty will provide useful training that every exit planner (or advisor that works with business owners) needs to be successful.

Certificate in Exit Planning (CEP) Online Course

Not ready to become a CEPA or not yet qualified? Not a problem.

Join us for the Certified in Exit Planning (CEP) Online Course, offered live three times each year!  Developed by Christopher Snider, creator of the Value Acceleration Methodology, CEP will give professionals a “101” understanding of the key concepts and principles of exit planning.  The virtual class is held for 1-1.5 hours a day, for five days, covering critical topics and mindset shifts an advisor must take to truly change owner outcomes and use exit planning as business strategy.

Participants are awarded a Certificate of Educational Achievement and are equipped to better identify clients (within their existing client book and in the larger marketplace) that would benefit from engaging in exit planning services.  Note: If you take CEP and decide to become a Certified Exit Planning Advisor within the same calendar year, your cost of registration will be credited toward the tuition for the credentialing program.  What are you waiting for?  Join us for our next broadcast session!

Next opportunities to take CEP Online:

Discounts are available for groups.  Inquiries sent to JKoza@Exit-Planning-Institute.org.

Check out the full list of topics below:

Upcoming Webinars


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  • Certificate in Exit Planning Course
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