How would you like to launch your Exit Planning Advisor business and catapult to 6-figure revenue in a year?

DISCOVER, IMPLEMENT, & GROW is a three step program designed to give you all the education, training, resources, set-up, and coaching you need to successfully implement exit planning services into your existing practice.

Follow the program steps as a whole or select the step you’re ready for now.









Discover Exit Planning
Step 1: Discover

In the Discover Step, you’ll become an expert in the exit planning industry through EPI’s nationally recognized Certified Exit Planning Advisor program.  Developed by internationally recognized experts in the field of exit planning, this 4-day MBA style program follows EPI’s exclusive Value Acceleration Methodology through 20 in-depth modules, practical application, and case studies, all taught by 13 expert faculty members.

What’s Included in DISCOVER:

  • Registration for the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program
  • 1-year EPI Annual Credentialed Membership
  • Access to EPI’s extensive Resource Library filled with critical tools, templates, research, white papers, webinars, and presentations.
  • Inclusion in the EPI’s Credentialed Member Directory
  • Access to an international network of professional exit planners


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Build the Foundation For Your Exit Planning Practice
Step 2: Implement

In the Implement Step, we’ll guide you through a comprehensive step-by-step 6-month implementation program to take you from fresh out of CEPA program to a fully-functioning, profit-delivering exit planning practice.  Each month, you’ll start with strategy session lead by the EPI Team to launch you into that month’s strategy and focused action items.  You’ll follow a decisive plan of action to execute during that month and end with clear cut deliverables to move you forward to the next month.  At the end of the 6-months, you’ll have an established, systematized, profitable exit planning practice.

 **Successful completion of the CEPA program is required for enrollment in the IMPLEMENT Step.

What’s Included in IMPLEMENT:

  • Month 1: Analysis & Customized Jump-Start Plan
  • Month 2: Branding & Marketing
  • Month 3: Establish Network
  • Month 4: Launch into Marketplace
  • Month 5: Target Clients
  • Month 6: Engagement


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Continual Growth
Step 3: Grow

In the Grow Step, you’ll team up with an EPI Mentor to work one-on-one and in a group setting for sales and marketing strategies, advising for client engagements, problem solving, creative thinking, and methodology insight, as well as a general resource for questions.  All EPI Mentors are veteran CEPAs from various disciplines with extensive expertise and unique skill-sets.  Select from EPI’s panel of 6 hand-picked Mentors to work with for 3 months.  We recommend a minimum of 12 months in the Grow Mentor program; you may change Mentors every 3 months.

   **Successful completion of the CEPA program is required for enrollment in the IMPLEMENT Step.

What’s Included in GROW:

  • Work One-on-One with your Select Mentor to Grow Your Practice
  • Bi-Monthly Group Call & Strategy Session with Your Selected Mentor
  • Quarterly Group Call & Strategy Session with ALL 6 Mentors and Grow Members
  • Grow Members’ Only Group Discussion Forum for Collaboration


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