The Association for Enterprise Growth





The Association for Enterprise Growth (AEG) is a national nonprofit membership organization. Its members are independent professional business advisors specializing in growing small and mid-sized businesses. Disciplines represented include management, finance, law, leadership, operations, strategy, sales and marketing, productivity and banking.

AEG's vision is low mid-market business owners have access to insight, advice and tools that help them grow business value, optimize personal wealth and control their future. Our mission is to strengthen operational effectiveness of low mid-market private businesses to grow enterprise value and maximize an owner’s personal wealth. Our advisors are organized into Regional Councils comprised of 25-30 professionals in major US cities.

AEG started in 2014 with its flagship Council based in the Washington /Baltimore region. Councils are forming in six other major market areas in 2015, with still others planned as we continue our national expansion to serve business owners.

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Business ValueXpress

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Business ValueXpress (BVX) is one-of-a-kind business valuation software that simplifies business valuation and provides objective valuations that equal real-life actual transaction. BVX integrates Price, Terms and Deal Structure, and uses optimization techniques to satisfy the needs of all parties to an M&A transaction. Some of its unique features are, cash vs. financed valuation, stock vs. asset purchase valuation, mezzanine equity determination, and goodwill calculation. With BVX one can perform live interactive valuations. BVX does not use any formulas, nor does it use any market data.

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Differentiate yourself as a thought leader and get more client referrals with Exit Coach Radio. is the information Station for Age 50+ Business Owners who are looking for Tips, Ideas and Precautions from Advisors, Authors and Thought Leaders. Over 75,000 play buttons are clicked monthly to our daily interviews and 1 minute highlights. Our ExitCoachNetwork consists of several hosted shows.

Opportunities for Exit Planning Institute Members to get involved include:


  • Be a guest on The Exit Coach Radio show. Your 20 minute profile interview is a "marketing asset" that you can post on your website and send to prospects, clients and referral sources. As a member of EPI, your interview is Free and we will discount our promotional packages as follows:                                     
  • Spotlight Promotional Package includes editing, creation of a 1 minute audio highlight (act as a "trailer") and a Website Audio Player that will play your interview and highlight (and any subsequent interviews)  on your website like a personal "jukebox". Normally $195, EPI members get a 20% discount.
  • Host Your Own Radio Show on the ExitCoachRadio Network. We will help you develop your own show so you can become known and visible as a thought leader in your community. You can host a Monthly, Semi-Monthly or Weekly Show and pricing is based on your show frequency. The one-time set up fee of $500 is reduced to $400 for EPI Members, monthly rates for a 1 hour show per month is $375 (normally $450)
  • Invite Your Best Clients to be on a Show with You. Want to get your best clients to tell their friends about you? Invite them to be interviewed on a Radio Show! You introduce them and we provide you with preparation materials to help them get ready. We also script and include Commercial for you and your client. After the interview we them share the interview with all of their contacts. EPI member rate $250 (normally $475).

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Jordon Industries International, LLC

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Established in 1988, JII specializes in buying and building businesses in partnership with management. JII has an established track record of teaming up with growth-oriented entrepreneurs to build industry leading companies. JII is built on the belief that the best way to create future value is to support the efforts of management with market-driven strategies, engaging cultures and a common vision.

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KLH Capital

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KLH Capital is a fully capitalized SBIC-licensed private equity firm which currently manages $300 million in capital across three funds.  During their nearly 30-year business tenure, KLH has successfully completed more than 130 transactions, including recapitalizations, management buy-outs and buy-ins, family successions and retirement transitions, and corporate divestitures.

KLH Capital creates value in their partnerships by combining management's expertise with their own.  They rely on management to provide the in-depth industry knowledge and know-how specific to the business.  KLH's contribution is their expertise in the value drivers of each business model and experience in overcoming challenges while executing growth opportunities.

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Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors

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The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors has helped hundreds of attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, bankers, and insurance professionals take their practices to the next level. We will help you increase your ability to attract and engage higher net worth clients and their advisors through our three pillars of: Counseling, Advanced Case Management, and Case Studies.

We share and learn from others across the country. The Laureate Center is a place members can go for career long learning, not only for tax, legal, and industry information, but for insights on client’s needs and concerns in our ever-changing world of marketing and implementation. The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors’ primary goal is to be a profession-long relationship, providing support, collegiality and innovation.

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MAUS Software

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MAUS recognizes CEPAs as the thought leaders in exit & succession planning and offers software that is aligned with EPI methodologies.  MAUS software instantly provides CEPAs with a structured and automated workflow to engage clients. Now you can implement the EPI methodology overnight! The MAUS software suite of tools will provide you with a step-by-step process to win more clients, structure client triggering events, and build recurring revenue worth $12k-100k per client.

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Some features include:

  • Automated report generation
  • Valuation and Valuation improvement calculators
  • Client performance dashboards
  • Business attractiveness, Business Readiness and Personal Readiness audits.
  • Plus over 20 more tools, MAUS offers a cloud software platform that arms you with the largest range of consulting tools in one interactive platform.

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The Value Builder System



Are you interested in coaching your clients on the Built to Sell methodology for improving company value?

The Value Builder System™ is a 12 step process for helping your clients improve the value of their business based on the bestselling book Built to Sell: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You.

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Aligned with the EPI methodology since 2012, our system is 100% advisor-led meaning the only way an entrepreneur can leverage our system is through the support of a Certified Value Builder™ -- the name we give the advisors who are qualified to offer The Value Builder System™.

With more than 20,000 users, our methodology has been statistically proven to increase the value of your client’s business by up to 71%. Each module includes a series of video tutorials – 36 videos in all -- your client can watch in advance of meeting with you so you can spend your exit planning time on strategizing with your client rather than educating them about the basic drivers of company value.

You’ll also get an entire suite of marketing resources to help build your exit planning practice and win new clients including:

  • A branded drip campaign of weekly emails you can configure to automatically be sent to the prospects you select
  • A set of three workshop templates complete with speaker notes and marketing materials so you can run your own local market workshops
  • A customized embed code to insert the Value Builder questionnaire directly into your website
  • Email scripts, brochures, website copy and videos
  • Monthly best practices calls with fellow advisors

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Value Opportunity Profile®

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Corporate Value Metrics is the developer of the Value Opportunity Profile®, better known to exit professionals as the VOP®. The VOP® is a cloud-based business assessment and strategic value enhancement tool designed to strengthen companies, prepare them for growth, and maximize long-term value. Developed for advisors of companies with revenues from $5M - $300M, the VOP can help increase company values by 80% - 100%, independent of revenue and earnings growth, over a 2– 5 year period.

The VOP® is a private labeled platform promoting your expertise, and expanding your value proposition. The VOP® delivers a platform of standardization, enhancing service quality, efficiency, and profitability, by seamlessly integrating with your current processes. Exit Planners generate new revenues streams through the implementation of value improvement initiatives, driving results to maximizing business value, positioning the client’s company for exit readiness, and delivering significant ROI.

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V-Rooms Virtual Data Rooms

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Regardless of the type of exit that a business owner is planning, it is critical they immediately begin to assemble and organize the reams of confidential documents that will need to be securely shared with their advisors, partners and potential buyers.  Generic, consumer-grade file sharing programs such as Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud do not provide the security, access and distribution controls  to insure that owners' confidential business and personal information remains confidential.  Our V-Rooms program, which is used to assemble a secure document repository, may be fully branded by exit planners to extend their service offering to their clients.  V-Rooms is in our 10th year of providing secure document exchange.  Let us help you and your clients.

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