- The Survey - 

The Exit Planning Institute and EPIs Northeast Ohio Chapter partnered with Grant Thornton, PNC Bank and the Ohio Employee Ownership Center at Kent State University in 2013 to conduct the original State of Owner Readiness (SOOR) Survey, a survey of middle market business owners. The goal of the survey was to ask business a set of questions around the broader and larger issue: how effectively (if at all) have you planned for the inevitable exit of your business?

Since then, the SOOR Survey has gained national and regional attention as it helps owners and advisors understand the current state of the market as it relates to effectively preparing for business transitions.  The Exit Planning Institute partners with leading organizations across the country to conduct national and local market studies and spread awareness.  Thank you to our collaborative partners of the State of Owner Readiness [View SOOR Supporting Firms]


- The How -

The purpose of this survey fits closely with the core mission of the Exit Planning Institute, namely the creation of all-inclusive, proactive process for accomplishing the objectives and goals of exiting business owners. In order to that, it was important to find out where the average business owner was at in that process. Below are links to download the full report and presentation of the 2013 State of Owner Readiness Survey that was presented in 2013 at the Exit Planning Institutes International Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, along with recent market studies.  Compare your market to the national averages.  See how the data changes the way business owners think.



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Stay tuned for new report releases.  The next SOOR survey releases include Indiana, Arizona, Greater Chicago, Capitol Region, New York, New England, and the 2017 National Report.